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Rain/Roof Water Harvesting

Rural Environment Development Society has expertise in making roof water structures. Society has given training to 47 mason's and 93 labour's for construction of roof water harvesting structure's in Sagar city in year 2004. Society has also motivated and trained group's in making roof water harvesting structures in Sagar and Damoh city of Madhya Pradesh. With their help 43 structures in Damoh and 17 structures in Sagar were made by society. The society had advocated for making it compulsory in every household, the Nagar Nigam Sagar and Madhya Pradesh Govt. agreed and made subsequent regulation for compulsion of Roof Water Harvesting Structure in every new house.


The society is implementing Environment Conservation and Awareness programme named CLEAN-India. This programme is actively supported and funded by Development Alternatives, Delhi (An N.G.O.). The objective of this programme is to make Sagar city clean through environmental awareness in public and motivating them for action. By making each city clean through public participation the country will become pollution free for our future generation. This programme is communicating environmental awareness to public through students. We generated awareness among public regarding proper waste disposal. We are also running "Hand Driven Trolley" for door to door waste collection in seven colonies of two wards covering 200 households in Sagar city. It's a successful venture run by society without any external support providing employment to three poor families. It is also saving seven colonies from unwanted waste throwing and littering.

Fondus Ensembeled Programme

Fondus Ensembeled Programme is funded by Development Alternatives for Water conservation and sanitation. Under this programme one big Roof Water Harvesting Structure at Zila Panchayat Building, Sagar was build by the society for recharging of about 1 Sq. Km.area. Recharging pits 6 nos at different places in Sagar nearby to drinking water source was constructed. One big structure of water recharging for 30 household was constructed at Vaishali Nagar Damoh. One sand filter drinking water plant was build at Army School, Sagar M.P. Under this programme some more water recharging structure's at different locations in Sagar city and Damoh city were build.

Environment & Sanitation Programme

One of the most important areas of work of Rural Environment Development Society is, in the field of sanitation. Our thinking is that proper sanitation facilities would lead to neat and clean and hygienic environment in the villages. Rural Environment Development Society has implemented Sanitation programme in two villages of Sagar Distt. The Public Health Engineering Department of Madhya Pradesh provided financial assistance for this. In village Tada of Block Kesli, 120 Pour Flush Latrines and in the village Bannad of Sagar Block 20 Pour Flush Latrines were constructed for the rural population.