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Rural Environment Development Society had opened the Balbadi at village Thavri to educate and care for those children whose parents are unable to provide any education for them. Around forty children were provided education in that Balbadi from 1996 to 2001. They were also provided with nutritious food and medical care by the Society.
Rural Environment Development Society had also run a balbadi in the Cantt area of Sagar City. The Society had also provided all the basic materials needed for the Balbadi. Around 35 children's had attended the Balbadi from 2002 to 2006. The Rural Environment Development Society monitored the activities of the Balbadi on a weekly basis.
Society opened a computer training center at its Sagar office in which we were running short term computer certificate course and diploma courses.

Health Care Programme

Society has conducted Health awareness programme at regular intervals in Kesli & Sagar blocks of Sagar District. It has also conducted Health check up camps in the slums of Sagar city. The society has been actively participating in the Pulse Polio Programme of the government. We have generated awareness and motivated the people of Block-Kesli, Distt-Sagar, to take the pulse polio programme seriously by people and ensured that all the children's below the age of five years were given the polio vaccine. Our workers were trained by the government agency on how to give polio vaccine to the children and they were assigned duties in four polio booths. For the success of this programme, we took village level meetings in every village, organized Rallies, distributed pamphlets, ensured the participation of Teachers and Influential persons of the area and distributed the promotional materials given by MP VHA Indore. In future also, we would like to support & participate in such programmes of the government.

AIDS Awareness Programme

The Society has conducted AIDS Awareness Camps at the villages Jolanpur and Thavri in the Kesli block. The society is actively cooperating with the local health workers of the government in generating awareness and helping in the AIDS awareness camps.

INDUS-Child Labour Project

The INDUS- Child labour Programme is targeted to children of age below 14 years working on high risk works like Bidi making, mining. This programme is joint venture of United States of America and Indian Govt. We were running two transitional schools at Hirapur and Tigoda in Sagar Distt. providing education to the childrens below 14 years of age so that they can enter into mainstream education.